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  • Complete range of necessary components and spare parts

  • Outstanding delivery reliability thanks to large inventories

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  • Recoding and identification service



  • We are your partner for damage prevention, optimization and repairs.

  • We speak your language.

  • We know your problems from our daily work.

  • We offer expert solutions for tasks of any complexity.

  • We optimize existing components and systems.


Worldwide service

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  • We’re available 24/7, throughout the world.


We supply;

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To remain competitive in today’s world, a company must focus at all times on efficiency and reliability. All of its systems must operate dependably. This is especially true in the die casting industry, where production machinery is subjected to enormous wear and tear. Preventive maintenance of all components involved in production is therefore critically important.

Sometimes, in spite of all precautions, a system can break down. In such cases the defective parts must be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible.

However, no production company can afford the luxury of keeping all of its components and wear parts in stock.

That’s why you need a reliable partner who can help you prevent damage and carry out repairs – a partner who speaks your language, is familiar with problems like yours and is available around the clock. We can provide expert solutions for tasks of any complexity.


We know your concerns.

We have what you need.

We deliver in any way you want.

We have the solution for you. You can count on it.





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